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So I guess some top-level abstraction is called for here…


I want to create a role-playing system geared towards high-energy action. By this I mean I want both the in-game actions of characters to be awesome, and also I want the mechanics of the game itself to be fast & not have too much bookkeeping get in the way of playing the game.


Ideally, I want combat to use a minimal maths approach (maybe dice pool & count rather than roll & add?) and also the concept of a “poise” stat that tracks how in control of the fight someone is – poise would be used as a resource to power manoeuvres as well as “hit points”. eg: You perform a dodge by using a little poise to just side-step an attack, more poise to jump back, and even more poise to throw yourself to the ground, each step avoiding a better class of attack but requiring a higher loss of poise. Combat advantage & flurries of blows, as well as counter-attacks, would all work off the same poise stat.


I decided to go with a world that is relatively freshly-created timeline-wise, and where everything still has a strong sense of identity. Here’s some quick key points:

  • All the gods are currently locked out of the world – they were shunted out of “existence” by some unknown event
  • There is a power vacuum caused by the gods’ disappearance, and the peoples of the world are left to stand on their own two feet – this also means they are starting to clash with one another
  • The gods’ domains & items of power were left behind in the world – the gods seek to reclaim their artefacts by using adventurers as go-betweens, as do other parties
  • The Clades/Races are mostly in balance (rather than LotR style, where First Age = Elves, Fourth Age = Humans)
  • The Elements are still strong – for example, “schools” of magic are based on affinity with elements like fire or bone, rather than time or healing
  • There are various Paths/Classes that an individual may walk in life – these align along philoshophical & elemental lines
  • Corruption/entropy is a relatively new concept – undead are a recent threat, still unknown to most let alone understood
  • As, in the grand scheme of things, all peoples of the world are yet freshly created they still possess what is known as GodForce – a quality which enables an individual to pull off feats the likes of which only the gods were able to accomplish before
  • This is the age where heroes really were larger than life & accomplished great deeds that will resound throughout the ages as myths & legends beyond the ken of lesser folk.

Main Page

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